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On a daily basis, Keep It Green staff people have the privilege of working with men and women of all ages, varieties, and backgrounds. It truly is a wonderful experience being able to work with so many different types of people while learning just as much from them as they do from staff and the program.
There is an ignorant belief that a drug addict or alcoholic is a bad person or that they selfishly hurt the people that love them the most without a care. Hopefully, with more awareness being spread on the disease of addiction, people will understand that a drug addicted or alcoholic person is not a "bad" person, they do not drink or use because they absolutely love their destructive life style, they drink or use because of a disease. A disease which they made no choice of having. Most people never dreamed of becoming a drug addict or alcoholic. Most people with addiction issues have the same dreams and goals as everyone else. I have yet to meet an individual that actually "planned" on becoming chemically dependent. The unfortunate thing is that when a person with an addiction actually realizes they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, they are usually very much involved with that lifestyle. But it is never too late to ask for help.
One of the most encouraging things about this disease is the amount of treatment options available. From impatient treatment centers to residential aftercare, from 12 step programs to  intensive therapy, there is a number of treatment options for an individual that wants help with the disease of addiction. This disease can be put at rest when a person is ready and willing to get help and change their behavior patterns.  
Having the opportunity to work with so many different kinds of people on a daily basis, I am able to see the change in an individual once they get the help they need. I see people enter in to Keep It Green nervous, beaten up, alone, and I have the honor of watching them grow in to a full person that respects themselves. I have the privilege of watching people become givers with self respect and respect towards others. It truly is an astonishing miracle that Keep It Green staff is able to witness on a daily basis.
Yes, there are so many horrible things about the disease of addiction. Yes, it can tear families a part and destroy lives. Yes, it can be a very hopeless and scary cycle. But, when a person decides that want help with their disease of addiction, their lives can change. They are capable of becoming a person they have never been before. They can put their disease at rest. No other person is fortunate enough to be able to live two lives in one and a life in recovery can be beyond a person's wildest dreams.
Thanks for reading and never forget, you are not alone.


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